This course in no longer avaialable at Royal Roads University - Continuing Studies (Victoria BC). 


Digital Photographic Imaging - The Basics


This course is for those who consider themselves amateur photographers and want to acquire more of the essential skills to start taking better pictures. Learn more about the proper usage of the equipment, develop further skills, and explore your photographic mind. While on location at the University, learn to maximize the full potential of your creativity using your camera to produce pleasing images right away.

Workshop Topics:

Acquisition, light, exposure, composition and technique

Learning Outcomes:

  • A greater understanding of the process of digital imaging in general, by using "previsualization" and "seeing" techniques.

  • Familiarisation and interpretation of light, how to use it.

  • Analysing any particular problems that attendees may have arrived with, through open group disscussion.

  • The huge value; from the inspiration developed by attending this workshop.



Fall 2010

Length: 2 Saturdays (2 half days)